Client Quotes

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Julie wrote us a thank you note which said:
"Your caring, sincere ways are special and I am very grateful."

After seeing his dogs Spencer for a dental cleaning and Buttercup for an ear infection, Ken from Morrison says:
"I've been mightly impressed with everything!"

Anne wrote the following in a thank you card:
"Thank you all for the great care, kindness and compassion you have shown us. You are great people!"

Susan from Littleton brought her two Pugs in. She then gave us a 5 out of 5 on our client satisfaction survey and made comments such as:
"The brand new facility is beautiful and sparkly clean." and "My dog never takes treats from vets (or techs), but she did from Dr. Tremblay. She loves this doctor on her first visit."

Kris from Littleton wrote in a thank card:
"I am so thankful that you opened up a new hospital, the area needed you."

Chrystal from Morrison e-mailed us:  "You guys are magnificent!!  We totally enjoyed our stay there and I was amazed at how well Paco cooperated.  He felt good "vibes" as I call it.  And the wonderful bag of goodies you give to new clients.  It really made my day, not to mention your reasonable prices on everything.  Please know that I will rave about you to my friends and family, as I already have to a few!  I am very impressed and so happy I chose you for Paco's care!! :)